how-lakomai-works is a online Classified Ads
Website for the people of Fiji.

How does work?

It’s easy! Just three simple steps need to happen for you to sell any item you want…

1. Post an ad on by clicking HERE and following the instructions (It’s easy, and only takes a minute!)

2. After you’ve posted your ad, someone in Fiji will see your item for sale on our website and contact you if they are interested.

3. After they contact you, now you can arrange a time and place to meet them and sell the item for cold, hard CASH!

…and thats it! It’s so easy to sell items on! Start looking around your house for old items that 
you no longer need
and post it on! Someone else in your area might want to buy it from you!

Does it cost money to post ads on

NO! It’s 100% Free!

Do you have to be a “business” to sell items on

NO! Anyone in Fiji can go on and sell ANYTHING they want to… Cars, clothing, furniture, tools, pets, electronics… anything!

What is the procedure (or process) to post an ad on

It’s simple…

– Click on the “Post an Ad” link at the top of our website (or click HERE)

– Click on the “Create Listing” button under the “Free Listing” Box

(below is an example image)


– Fill in the “Title” and “Description” of the item you are wanting to sell.

(below is an example image)

– Choose a “Category” that you want your item to be listed under (e.g: Appliances, Electronics, Materials, Pets, etc)

(below is an example image)


– Click the “Choose File” button to upload pictures of the item you are selling.

(below is an example image)


– Fill in the “Price” you want to sell the item for. Choose the “Location” of the item. And fill in your “Contact Phone Number”.

(below is an example image)


– And finally, click on the blue “Save Listing” button at the bottom.

– That’s it! You are done posting your item on!